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Georgia College History


During 1974-75 plans were made for a Museum and Archives of Georgia Education  (MAGE) at the college; this museum- archives would be designed to portray, and preserve, records of education throughout the state of Georgia from colonial times to the present—education both public and private, black and white, from elementary levels to college. With GC’s heritage of teacher training, along with Milledgeville’s historic significance to Georgia, this was an appropriate place for such a museum-archives. No University System funds were available for such a purpose, but private donations and two generous gifts from the Alumni Association allowed the MAGE project to progress. The first public exhibition of its holdings was held during the campus bicentennial celebration in 1976, and in 1977 the Museum and Archives of Georgia Education moved into its permanent quarters, the college-owned Wooten-Garner house, across the street from the Mansion. (The contents of MAGE are now part of Russell Library's Special Collections and are available for research purposes.)

Today, the Wooten-Garner House is home to the Office of Human Resources. HR strives to attract, retain and develop an engaged and diverse workforce to support the dynamic and high quality needs of the institution. 

Wooten-Garner House Today