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Georgia College History


This beautiful space, which has witnessed hundreds of plays, convocations, concerts and readings from the likes of Carl Sandburg, Cornelia Otis Skinner, Glenn Miller, Bob Hope, Alex Haley, and Isaac Stern, is appropriately named for Judge Richard B. Russell (1861-1938). In 1887, at age 26, Russell introduced the first bill to establish a publicly funded women's college in Georgia. Even though his bill failed, Russell remained one of this college's staunchest supporters, serving as president of the board of directors from 1918 until 1932. The facility, constructed in 1926, was named in his honor. His visage still may be seen on the porch of Russell, benignly viewing concert goers as they enter.

By Dr. Bob Wilson, University Historian

Russell Auditorium 1928

Russell Auditorium Exterior

Russell Auditorium Today

Russell Auditorium