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Georgia College History


This graceful old residence hall was constructed in 1908, and no building on the campus has more completely preserved its architectural integrity. The building was originally named Lamar Hall in honor of R.N. Lamar, one of the original members of the Board of Directors. Lamar, however, was not a strong supporter of Parks and, in 1913, Parks' allies on the board changed the name to Terrell Hall in memory of the recently deceased Joseph M. Terrell, who had been the Georgia governor from 1902 until 1907.  

At the February 2020 ribbon cutting ceremony for the newly renovated Terrell Hall, then President Dr. Steve Dorman remarked, " building on campus has more completely preserved its architectural integrity than this building."

By Dr. Bob Wilson, University Historian

Terrell Hall 1913

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Terrell Hall Today

Terrell Hall