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Georgia College History

Q: What are the names and tenure of all GC Presidents?

A: The GC Presidents are as follows:

  • Dr. J. Harris Chappell, 1891-1905 
  • Dr. Marvin McTyeire Parks, 1905-1927 
  • Dr. J. Luther Beeson, 1927-1934 
  • Mr. Guy Herbert Wells, 1934-1953 
  • Dr. Henry King Stanford, 1953-1956 
  • Dr. Robert E. ("Buzz") Lee, 1956-1967 
  • Dr. J. Whitney Bunting, 1968-1981 
  • Dr. Edwin G. Speir, Jr., 1981-1996 
  • Dr. Ralph W. Hemphill (Acting President), January 1997-July 1997 
  • Dr. Rosemary DePaolo, August 1997-June 2003 
  • Dr. David G. Brown, (Interim President) July 2003-December 2003 
  • Dr. Dorothy Leland, January 2004-2011
  • Dr. Stas Preczewski, (Interim President) July 2011 - July 2012
  • Dr. Paul Jones, (Interim President) July 2012 - August 31, 2012
  • Dr. Steven Dorman, September 2012 - 2021
  • Ms. Cathy Cox, October 2021-

Q: Has this institution always been called Georgia College?

A: No, we have had six different names:

  • Georgia Normal & Industrial College (GN&IC), 1889-1922 
  • Georgia State College for Women (GSCW), 1922-1961 
  • The Woman's College of Georgia (WCG), 1961-1967 
  • Georgia College at Milledgeville (GCM), 1967-1971 
  • Georgia College (GC), 1971-1996 
  • Georgia College & State University (GCSU), 1996-

Q: What is the name of the yearbook?

A: The yearbook has enjoyed several names over the years. Below is a listing of all print yearbooks that can be found in University Archives:

  • 1904 Snap Shots 
  • 1910 The Brown Book 
  • 1914 GNIC 
  • 1916 The Senior 
  • 1917 The Spectrum 
  • 1919 The Senior 
  • 1923-1925 The Senior 
  • 1926-1979 The Spectrum 
  • 1983-1984 The Spectrum 
  • 1988-1989 The Spectrum

Q: When did classes officially begin at GN&IC?

A: Classes began September 30, 1891. There were 88 students representing 52 Georgia counties.

Q: When was the first commencement held?

A: June 19, 1892

Q: When were the first Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees conferred?

A: 1921

Q: Why are there no college records prior to 1924?

A: Because all official records were housed in the Main Building which burned in early December 1924

Q: When did GC become a part of the University System of Georgia?

A: January 1, 1932 - as did the other 26 state-supported colleges and universities

Q: When was the first graduate program offered?

A: The Master of Education degree program was instituted in the summer of 1958

Q: When did GC integrate?

A: The first African-American student entered WCG in the summer of 1964

Q: When did GC become co-educational?

A: In the spring of 1967

Q: Where can I find information about former faculty?

A: We recommend that you begin your search in the University Archives.

Q: Where can I find old yearbooks and college catalogs?

A: GC Archives, Special Collections, 2nd floor, Russell Library