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Georgia College History: Atkinson Hall

Atkinson Hall Today

Atkinson Hall

Atkinson Hall 1913

Georgia Normal and Industrial College Booklet Page Featuring Atkinson Hall


Atkinson Hall, constructed in 1896, is, next to the Old Governor's Mansion, the oldest and most stately building on campus. In 1977-78, through the vigorous intervention of alumni, community, faculty and students, Atkinson was saved from the wrecker's ball and renovated.  It has served since as the home of The J. Whitney Bunting College of Business. The structure is named for William Y. Atkinson and his wife, Susan Cobb Milton Atkinson. Susan was sensitized to the plight of under-educated women in Georgia by her journalist friend, Julia Flisch, and she persuaded her husband, a young state legislator from Coweta (and future governor), to introduce the bill that created Georgia Normal & Industrial College in 1889.

By Dr. Bob Wilson, University Historian