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The Studios at Russell Library


We now have a Glowforge that can be used for engraving and cutting! You can custom engrave for your pet's name tag, some representation for your sorority or fraternity, or just to fulfill your creative needs.

  1. Just stop by the 3D Print Desk or send us your request using this Library Poster and Services Form.
  2. Then email us your image to Keep in mind that words and logos may have a better outcome then a photo image due to the size of the materials, quality, and content.

The Possibilities

Our Materials

  • Thin Wood Keychain - $.50 per piece
  • Wood Keychain - $1 per piece
  • Leather Keychain -  $2 per piece
  • Metal Keychain - $1 for 2 pieces (varied shapes)


If you are using your own materials then we will show you how to operate the machine. You will be responsible to watch the Glowforge as it works since it is not to be left unattended while working.