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The Studios at Russell Library

Buttons at the Library

We have button making at the library! This is a self-serve but we will show you how to make them and our buttons are a size of 2.25 inches. We will provide you with the front, back, and mylar for your button(s) and you can unite for your clubs, activities, or create just for fun.

How this Works

  1. Stop by the 3D Print Desk or send us your request using the Library Posters and Services Form.
  2. Email us your image(s) at and we will add it to our Photoshop button template or we can email this to you if you know your way around the program. Just let us know!
  3. If we made your button template, then we will email you this back so you can print out how many you will need for your buttons.
  4. Lastly, just pay for and pick up your button materials at the Circulation Desk. Bring the materials and the button template(s) to the 3D Print Desk and we will show you how to make them.


  • $1 (per button) for 1-20 buttons
  • $.25 (per button) for 50 buttons
  • $.13 (per button) for 200+ buttons

*For large requests, please check with us to make sure we have enough materials.

Where the Magic Happens

Button Table
Button Example