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Faculty Library Resources

An overview of Russell Library resources pertinent to Georgia College faculty.

Library Liaison Services

The Library Liaison service promotes a partnership between the academic departments and the Georgia College Library to improve learning and teaching in the University. In this partnership, the library liaison's expertise in information resources complements the subject knowledge of the faculty.

Library liaisons are assigned to specific academic departments/programs and work closely with respective deans, chairs and faculty in order to identify the department's information needs and priorities.

Liaison services include:

  • Keeping faculty up-to-date about library services and new information sources such as databases; informing faculty of new sources that might be useful in a faculty member's fields of research; and attending departmental meetings when possible.
  • Working with departmental faculty to learn about departmental goals, curriculum, and course assignments as they relate to the library; working with departments to meet the mission and vision of Georgia College (identifying academic priorities, curricular development, and accreditation).
  • Working closely with the dean/chair or assigned department representative on current acquisitions; adding materials that support diversity in each academic area.
  • Supporting face-to-face, hybrid, and distance education or distributed learning courses that departments offer by customizing library support services for those courses; providing research and information literacy instruction.

For a list of librarians supporting each department, please visit the appropriate College tab in menu at left.

General Assistance

General assistance is available to all staff and faculty by calling (478) 445-0979 or via e-mail at