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Instruction Toolkit for Librarians

Everything you need to know about instruction at Russell Library


Russell Library: Top 20 Teaching Tips

Developed by Russell Library faculty and staff at Instruction Camp 2016 

  1. Have a plan, but be flexible
  2. Embrace Change
  3. Provide contact information and follow-up with students when possible
  4. Practice before the session
  5. Communicate with faculty in advance & make clear expectations
  6. Be confident, yourself, personable and empathetic
  7. Build in assessment
  8. Active Learning – have students apply what they learn and incorporate “real world” learning tasks
  9. Check technology in advance
  10. Move around the room to engage with everyone, involve humor, fun & storytelling
  11. Pause frequently for questions
  12. Understand that you are still a learner
  13. Keep variety in your assignments & instruction
  14. Invite interactions –have students sit in circles, not rows etc.
  15. Prepare the students in advance, when possible
  16. Have a teaching philosophy – know your purpose
  17. Use backward design in lesson planning
  18. Be punctual and aware of what can be done with time restraints
  19. Limit jargon/acronyms or fully explain them
  20. Promote buy-in from faculty/students as you prep