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Instruction Toolkit for Librarians

Everything you need to know about instruction at Russell Library

The Scheduling Process



Courses will now be scheduled via the librarian conducting the course to help establish closer relationships with teaching faculty. *2 Week notice should be given for ALL requests in order for librarians to adequately prepare for sessions. 

Courses that come in via form, email, phone or in person to the instruction coordinator: 

  • The Instruction Coordinator will print out request and post it via the glass board in the I&RS suite. Please sign your name to the form on the board, and make personal copies as needed. 
  • Once Library faculty have selected any courses of interest they will initiate contact with the faculty member to schedule that course. Librarians will be expected to get assignment details and syllabus in order to confirm date of instruction. 
  • Librarians should contact faculty within 48 hours of signing their name to the course sheet. 
  • Before final confirmation of date, please make sure you have confirmed date/time etc. with the instruction coordinator to confirm availability within r25 and have received a copy of the assignment details etc. 

Courses that are scheduled via individual librarians: 

  • If the librarian plans on conducting the course themselves, they will need to confirm the date/time with the instruction coordinator and obtain assignment and syllabus from the faculty member. 
  • The following course information will need to be shared with the instruction coordinator once the date/time has been confirmed. For ALL courses, no matter the location. 
    • Info Needed: 
      • Professors Name
      • Course Name and Number
      • CRN
      • Number of approx. students 
      • Date/Time/Location 
  • If the librarian will not be conducting the class, they need to pass along all information to the instruction coordinator to follow-up on.