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Instruction Toolkit for Librarians

Everything you need to know about instruction at Russell Library

Teaching Portfolio


  1. Librarian Teaching Philosophy
  2. Reflective Journal Entries 
  3. Peer-Reviewed Sessions
  4. Assessment 
    1. Faculty Feedback
    2. Student (Classroom) Feedback
    3. Student (Consult) Feedback
    4. General Instructional Data
    5. Reflection of above assessment 
  5. Example Lesson Plans 

Teaching Portfolio FAQ


How is it different from an Annual Performance Evaluation?

Portfolios are updated frequently and reflect the librarians attempt to continuously improve.

It is a tool to provide constant self-evaluation.

It demonstrates a commitment to improving one’s personal teaching style.

The portfolio should be viewed as a non-judgmental space

Who will see the portfolios?

The portfolio will be mostly for your own self-reflection but will be shared with the instruction coordinator once a year, prior to performance evaluations. The coordinator’s job will be to review each portfolio and meet with the librarian to discuss the contents.

The coordinators goal is to guide the instruction staff to continuously develop and improve upon their teaching performance. The coordinators role should be considered a mentor relationship that supplies constructive feedback and encourages innovation.

Why are we doing this?

Having a teaching portfolio will assist in the application process for pre-tenure, tenure and post tenure by collecting and organizing many resources that can be used for evidence.

It improves our overall program assessment.

It encourages instructional staff to make conscious efforts of improvement.