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Knowledge Box

Student Research

The Knowledge Box leads in collecting and archiving the scholarly and creative work of undergraduate and graduate students. Collections include:

  • College of Arts & Sciences: Biology theses, English MA and MFA theses, MPA theses, and Senior Art Capstone Exhibitions
  • College of Health Sciences: Music Therapy theses and DNPs
  • College of Education: Ed.S theses
  • Art Capstone exhibitions
  • Graduate Posters
  • Student Research Events: SRC, GURC, and Posters at the Capitol
  • Student Publications: The Colonnade and The Corinthian

As of October 2020, student work accounted for 60% of the items in the Knowledge Box, and 85% of the total items downloaded. For example,

  • GC Student Research Events: 462 abstracts deposited and downloaded 5,005 times
  • College of Arts & Sciences: 39 theses deposited and downloaded 4214 times
  • College of Health Sciences: 53 Music Therapy theses and Doctor of Nursing Practice Research Projects deposited and downloaded 14978 times
  • College of Education: 12 Ed.S theses deposited and downloaded 13253 times

By far the most popular works in the Knowledge Box are articles from The Corinthian, the undergraduate research journal for Georgia College. The Corinthian accounts for just 7.5% of the total items deposited, but Corinthian articles have been downloaded a whopping 19,3405 times! The top three most popular items from the Knowledge Box also come from The Corinthian.

Music Education for Students with Disabilities: A Guide for Teachers, Parents, and Students is the most downloaded work in the Knowledge Box, with 8450 downloads since 2017. Most of these downloads are from researchers at educational institutions such as the North Carolina Research and Education Network, the Georgia Department of Education, the US Department of Education, and the New South Wales (Australia) Department of Education.

Rhetoric in Comedy: How Comedians Use Persuasion and How Society Uses Comedians has been downloaded 6591 times. The researchers using this article are from many colleges and universities, such as the University of Missouri, University of Central Florida, Appalachian State, and University of California Irvine. This article has also been mentioned on Twitter!

A Research into the Problems of Students Not Completing Homework Assignments in the Middle School: The Case of Weaver Middle School in Bibb County, Georgia has been downloaded 7261 times, which is exceptional for an article written in 2007. It has been accessed by researchers in 132 countries.

Copyright and Reuse Licensing Considerations for Student Research

The Knowledge Box administrators strongly recommend use of Creative Commons licenses when archiving and sharing your research via any open-access digital repository, including the Knowledge Box. We strongly recommend students inform themselves about their copyrights and how these relate to open-access repositories by reviewing our Author Rights & Self-Archiving guide, and by requesting a consultation or workshop with the Knowledge Box admins.