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Knowledge Box


The Knowledge Box offers hosting for University-related journals and proceedings. We are excited to provide open-access archiving for these publications. The Knowledge Box platform supports collecting, evaluating, and selecting submitted manuscripts with options for review. 

Hosting Policies 

  • The Ina Dillard Russell Library hosts open-access electronic journals; any tasks or costs associated with a print run – such as layout or printing – of the Journal are solely the purview and responsibility of the Organizer. 
  • The Library is open to hosting publications sponsored by outside organizations as well as those associated with the Georgia College & State University community, pending a conversation with the Library Director.  
  • As a condition of using the platform for submissions, review, and selection of articles, organizers must agree to the collection, archiving, and open access to the Journal and Journal-related materials in the Knowledge Box. 

Memorandum of Understanding

Most journal-related services are provided free of charge*; however, we do ask that journal organizers agree to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as a condition of hosting their journal in the Knowledge Box. During setup, the Knowledge Box admins will review the terms of the MOU and make any needed revisions.

Journal Setup Form

During conference setup, the Knowledge Box admins will guide you through completion of the Event Setup Form. Once this form is complete, we will create and begin to configure your conference site. Conference sites can be ready to start collecting proposals in as little as two weeks.

Copyright and Reuse Licensing Considerations for New Journals

The Knowledge Box admins strongly recommend use of Creative Commons licenses with hosted journal materials. During journal setup, the admins will help you develop copyright and reuse policies that fit the needs of your event and participants. For existing journals, we are happy to help review your policies at any time.

Service Agreement

It is possible that costs may be incurred for the setup of journals. These costs will be identified up-front via the Journal Setup Form and the MOU. In this case, a Service Agreement will be enacted.

Possible costs to be borne by the organization include:

  • Custom banner
  • Changes to event design after finalization