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Knowledge Box

Copyright and Repositories

While open-access institutional repositories like The Knowledge Box and scholarly profile services like Expert Gallery have created new ways for researchers to increase their research impact, publication always involves the exercise of copyrights. Your copyrights are a valuable asset that should be protected throughout the publication process.

Traditionally, publishing your research required transferring all or most of your copyrights to a for-profit publisher, who then would license limited rights back to you. While Copyright Transfer Agreements (CTA) work well to protect the interests of the publisher, they do not always protect your interests as a researcher or author. The library offers a number of resources to help you learn about your copyrights, how to protect them with publishers, and how to maximize your opportunities to archive and share your work.

Removing or Modifying Works in The Knowledge Box

The Ina Dillard Russell Library makes every effort to ensure that all works submitted to The Knowledge Box are archived and disseminated in accordance with United States copyright law, University policy, and the wishes of content creators. The Knowledge Box administrators do not have the authority to alter the content of any works published in the institutional repository. 

If for any reason you believe that a work included in The Knowledge Box should be removed or modified, please contact the Knowledge Box admins: