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Legal Environment of Business: Dispute Resolution and Civil Procedure

Civil Procedure

Circuit Map

To find a court location, click the map below. 

Structure of Federal Court

Follow the structure of the federal court system and the pathway to the Supreme Court in the illustration below.  

Source: Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Structure of the United States Federal Courts.



Alternative dispute resolution

Court Systems

The Judicial Branch has two court systems: federal and state. While each hears certain types of cases, neither is completely independent of the other.

Comparing federal and state courts 

Processes of the U.S. Supreme Court, as seen in Buck v. Stephens

Amending a state constitution, as seen in Indiana and Kansas' ballot measures to make hunting and fishing a right


Glossary of legal terms:

Writ of certiorari - see part 3 of document 

Acquittal to Writ of certiorari

Petition for Certiorari - as seen in WAL-MART v. DUKES

Contractual Choice-of-Law Provisions  

Statute of limitations and defamation - as seen in Defamation Suits Against Cosby Point to Peril of Belittling Accusers