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Biochemistry 3510 I Spring 2017: Home

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Course Description

CHEM 3510 will provide an in-depth study of selected topics in biochemistry. The course will be taught by lecture/discussion and guided activities covering (but not limited to) the following topics: fundamental building blocks of biomolecules, amino acids & proteins, lipids & membranes, kinetics and mechanisms of biological catalysts, carbohydrates & polysaccharides, bioenergetics, metabolic cycles: glycolysis, gluconeogenesis, krebs cycle, oxidative phosphorylation, and fatty acid catabolism.

Student Learning Outcomes

Student learning outcomes for the course reflect the many components involved in developing the skills, abilities and dispositions necessary for proficiency in biochemical science. Students will (i) develop a broad understanding of the fundamental biochemical concepts of living organism, (ii) apply biochemistry concepts to human health and disease, (iii) communicate scientific information/data in both written and oral format, and (iv) enrich his/her quantitative, qualitative, and critical thinking skills.

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