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MATH 1111 - College Algebra: 1.1 Sets and Set Operations

1.1 Sets and Set Operations

At the end of this section students will be able to:

  • Describe sets using either the verbal method or the roster method or the set-builder method
  • Perform operations with sets
  • Identify and classify the subsets of real numbers
  • Express sets using interval notation

Required Reading

0.1 Basic Set Theory and Interval Notation

Stitz-Zeager Prerequisites - pages 3-12

Practice Exercises

Stitz-Zeager Prerequisites - pages 13-14

Answers to practice exercises can be found on pages 15-17.

Supplemental Resources

Sets of Numbers (tutorial): West Texas A&M University Virtual Math Lab (Intermediate Algebra Tutorial 3)


Identifying Sets of Real Numbers:


Operations with Sets:


Interval and Set Notation: