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Expert Gallery at Georgia College

Revising and removing works

Easily revise your works by clicking on the Edit icon or by accessing your My SW Drive. On your drive, click on the article title to bring up the work Details page to make your update(s).

Removing your work is quickly accomplished by clicking on the red Trash icon. A prompt to confirm the action will appear, asking if you are sure you want to remove from your profile. Click Continue to complete removal. Although removed from your profile, your work will still be available on My SW Drive as withdrawn (with a gray icon). Also, a placeholder page will remain, noting simply “This work is no longer available.”

Tip: Are you unable to revise a work? It may have been imported from another site in the bepress system. If so, follow the prompt to send an email to the site’s administrator to request your revision.

Restoring withdrawn content

To restore withdrawn content to your profile, access My SW Drive, click on the appropriate title and click Add to Profile. Restored content will reuse the original URL address, even if newer works were posted to your site after withdrawal.

To remove an uploaded file only, access the article Details page, locate the file at the bottom of the form, and click on the red Remove trash icon. If simply replacing a file, you will be asked if you wish to replace the previous thumbnail. Click Replace Thumbnail to view the new image or upload a new one, or No to keep the existing image.