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Eberhart Studio negatives

Eberhart Studio operated in Milledgeville, Georgia for most of the 20th Century. The photographers associated with the studio took mostly portrait-style photographs, though photographs of scenes around Milledgeville and Baldwin County are common.

Benjamin Franklin Eberhart was the first owner of Eberhart Studio. He was born in Iowa in 1876; married in St. Louis, Missouri in 1905; and moved his family shortly thereafter to London, Kentucky. In July 1921, Eberhart purchased the Vessels Brothers Studio in Milledgeville, which at the time had been in operation for four years. On September 1, 1921, Eberhart Studio reopened under its new name. Eberhart continued operating the studio until his death in 1939. He and his wife, Carrie, had five children.

Eberhart's youngest daughter, Willetta, graduated from Georgia State College for Women (now Georgia College) in 1935 with an A.B. in English. She took over the studio from her father in 1939 and ran it until her death in 1984. She sold the studio to Leroy and Ella Mae Little of Little Studio in Sandersville in 1978, but it continued to operate under its original name as a condition of the sale. Eberhart Studio closed in the mid-1980s.

When the studio negatives were transferred to Allied Arts in 1999, many of these negatives were distributed to the community. Dr. Bob Wilson collected negatives that he knew to be related to GCSU.