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Georgia College Vertical File


  • Johnson, Dr. Amanda. Head, Department of History, 
  • Johnson, Tavaris. "Humans of Milledgeville"
  • Jones, Dr. Joann. Dean, School/College of Business
  • Jones, Dr. W. Alan. Director of Institutional Research


  • Keeler, Dr. Clyde E. Department of Biology
  • Kennedy, Jackie Smith. Class of 1985
  • Kilpatrick Education Center
  • King, Josephine. Department of English
  • Kitchens, Joshua F.   CSH Museum preservation
  • Kwanzaa. 1989


  • Lake Laurel Biological Field Station. 1998
  • Lee, President Robert (Buzz) 1956-1967
  • Leland, President Dorothy. 2004-2011
  • Lewis, Dr. Helen Matthews. Class of 1946
  • Lifestyles 101. (Resident Halls, 1989
  • A Light Than Cannot Be Hid. The Foundation of the Woman's College of Georgia, Inc.
  • Lord, Carlotta "Cody" Kanouff  (WAVES)
  • Lounsbury, Dr. John. 
  • John H. Lounsbury College of Education.
  • John H. Lounsbury School of Education. EduNet
  • John H. Lounsbury School of Education. Faculty Handbook. Fall 1986
  • John H.Lounsbury School of Education. Graduate News Letter. Fall 1986
  • John H. Lounsbury School of Education. Mildred English Curriculum Center  
  • Luttrell, Alaynah. 2018. 
  • Lyceum Committee.1971