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Georgia College Alumni Association Collection

Scope and Content Note

The Georgia College & State University Alumni Association Collection consists of four cubic feet. There are no restrictions on the collection. The inclusive dates of the collection range from photographs dating from 1895 to 1983, newspaper clippings dating from 1920 to 1978, and correspondence between alumnae dating from 1936 to 1985. The bulk dates of the collection are 1955 to 1968. The bulk dates pertain to newspaper clippings found in two scrapbooks. Photographs found in all four boxes correlate with the bulk dates of the collection. There are notable gaps in the collection. There is very little material from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 1920s. There are public relation scrapbooks in the closed stack area that features some of the missing years in these four boxes.

Box One contains photographs. The photographs feature Alumni Weekends, Golden Slipper, Homecoming and other photographs relating to Association activities. There are numerous photographs of alumnae and many are identified. The names and graduation dates of the alumnae featured in the newspaper clippings are in Folder 60 of Box One. Many alumnae are not mentioned because graduation dates or names could not be found. Box Two contains member lists of various Alumni Clubs including the Clubs in Atlanta, Bibb County, Baldwin County, and Houston County. The Alumnae Clubs of Miami, Florida and Washington, DC are in the box, also. Box two contains minutes of the Clubs and an enormous amount of correspondence. The box includes the "Save the Atkinson" campaign.

The 1921 issue, The Girl Graduate, belonging to Marjorie Anita Manson ('21) is in Box Three. The Girl Graduate is a book that contains memories of one's college experience. The book contains photographs, newspaper clippings, and handwritten notes from Ms. Manson's friends and classmates. The book also contains the graduation program for 1921. The book was left in it's original condition and housed in Box Three (See Note on Provenance and Arrangement for other items in box three).

Box Four contained four scrapbooks. Due to time constraints the majority of newspaper clippings remains in their original condition and placed in folders. One scrapbook contains an abundance of material relating to Sue Myrick's ('11) work on the filming of Gone With The Wind and her visits to Charlotte, NC. The scrapbook contains officers and activities of the Alumnae Association and the Charlotte, NC Club. The fourth scrapbook contains photographs of the 1993 Alumnae Weekend and the "Kickoff to 1994." The Alumni Association celebrated its one-hundredth birthday in 1994.

The artifacts in box four include two VCR tapes, three plaques, and a 1904 volume of Snapshots, belonging to Anne Harris Whitfield ('04). The two VCR tapes contain the "Memorial Service for Rosa Lee Walston," November 4, 1995. One copy is the complete master footage containing the church service and lunch. The second copy is the edited version. The three photographs were placed in a folder in Box Four. A set of landscape blue prints, dated 1990, for the improvements of the front campus stayed within Box Four.