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Public Relations Files

Notes on Arrangement

This collection remains open and builds as more materials are transferred from University Relations and processed.

The Public Relations Files have been arranged into four categories, some with subdivisions.

  • General Files
  • Newsletters
  • News Stories
    • Thirty
    • Items
    • Weekly Calendar
    • This Week
  • Images
    • Photo Files
    • Contacts and Negatives
    • Slides

Most of the General Files and News Stories were in chronological order when they arrived in Special Collections. When possible to determine order, these files were left in original order. Files that appeared to have once been in chronological order that may have been rearranged during packing were again placed in chronological order during processing.

The various newsletters were arranged chronologically as follows:

  • Thirty, 1954-1974
  • Items, 1976-1983
  • Weekly Calendar, 1983-1988
  • This Week, 1995-2001

The negative files were also loosely ordered by year, so they too have been arranged chronologically by year.

However, the photo files and the slides arrived in no discernable order. To provide some order to this portion of the collection, the photo files, few of which are dated, were arranged in alphabetical order by the title assigned to the files by Public Relations. The slides were grouped into broad subjects, and arranged within those subjects when possible. Contact sheets and corresponding negatives arrived labeled by year and sometimes month; they were arranged in chronological order by year.