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Graduate-level nursing

GALILEO password

There are multiple ways to log in to GALILEO when you are either not in the Library or off campus:

  • Unify
    Go to and sign in with your credentials. A link to GALILEO is available on the "Start Here" tab. This should take you directly to GALILEO (you may be prompted for your Unify credentials again).
  • GALILEO password
    If you are prompted for a password, access your library account at Select the link at the right of the page that says "Sign in." After entering your Unify credentials, this will take you to your main account information page that will display the GALILEO password. You will then have to navigate to the GALILEO homepage in order to log in with the password.

Key databases

Russell Library has multiple subscriptions to databases that are specifically relevant to nursing. Once you've done your initial searches in Discover, it can be a good idea to vary your search by database.


The Discover search is a great place to start. However, you will later want to search some additional databases to ensure that you had adequate research coverage for your topic and so that you see the best research on your topic and not just what's immediately available.