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Local History Guide

This guide discusses local history resources in Special Collections, in the community, and online.

Georgia College Theses

Bare, Charlotte C. Korean War Veterans of Middle Georgia: Remembered or Forgotten. M. A., 2001.

Bragg, William Harris. Joe Brown's Army: The Georgia State Line, 1862-1865. M. A., 1982.

Collins, Leland Carroll. Sow to the Wind - Reap the Whirlwind: Georgia Methodism's Response to Twentieth Century Wars. M. A., 1984.

Combs, Gloria Mimbs. A Study of the Establishment of AMA Schools in Macon, Georgia During Reconstruction. Ed. S., 1984.

Daniell, David Gladston. The Legacy of a Gentleman Farmer. William McKinley and Family. M.S., 1998.

Davis, Matthew S. The Brown-Stetson-Sanford House: A History. M.A., 2004.

Harris, Robin O. Julia Anna Flisch: Georgia Educator and Feminist. M. A., 1993.

Lubniewski, John A. The Life of Richard A. Blount. M. A., 1993.

McMillan, Robert W. An Applied Research Study for the Admission, Evaluation, and Disposition Center at Central State Hospital, Milledgeville, Georgia. M.B.A., 1971.

McNair, Glenn Maurice. The Trials of Slaves in Baldwin County, Georgia, 1812-1838. M. A., 1996.

Mitchell, Andrea Nicole. The Georgia Penitentiary at Milledgeville. M. A., 2003