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African American Collections and Materials in Special Collections: 20th Century


Below are samples of Graduate Theses pertaining to African American studies. A link to all graduate theses is located at the bottom.

Anderson, George David. A City Comes of Age: An Urban Study of Macon, Georgia, During the 1920's. M. A., 1975.

 Baden, Joseph D. Recidivism of Special Alternative Incarceration Program Offenders Across Racial and

Age Differences. M. S., 1989.

 Bailey, Matthew, M. Riding the Snail: The Integration of the University of Georgia Football Team. M. A., 2006.

 Bannister, Willie H., Jr. The Effect of Racial Matching in the Client-Counselor Relationship in Project

Challenge, an Alternative to Incarceration for Adolescents. M. S., 1996.

 Baum, John P., III Will You Leave New Orleans?: A Novel. M.F.A., 2007 (Need to check this one out)

 Combs, Gloria Mimbs. A Study of the Establishment of AMA Schools in Macon, Georgia During

Reconstruction. Ed. S., 1984.

 Frayne, Victoria J. The Development of a Feminist Aesthetic in African Fiction, and the Changing

Perspectives of African Women Writers from Flora Nwapa to Yvonne Vera. M.A., 2003

 Harrison, Mary Lou. The Effects of Black Studies Instruction on the Self-Concept of Black Second Grade

Students. Ed. S., 1976.

 Lovvorn, Dondra Elaine. Skin Color Preference in First Grade Children. M. S., 1990. (Need to check out)



This section contains both rare books and archival documents that deal with segregation, race incidents and scholarly studies concerning African Americans in the context of education. Click on any of the below samples to be directed to the GIL database.

The Arts and Literature

A selection of rare books that deal with African American contributions to the arts. Click on any of the below samples to be directed to the GIL database. 

The Civil Rights Movement

Books concerning the civil rights movement as it pertains to African American history. Click on any of the below samples to be directed to the GIL database.

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