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Interlibrary Loan

First, go to the GC Library's website, located at

Next, scroll down to the "Connect" menu:

Select the "Visit Our Main Site" link. This takes you to the main Russell Library site.

Scroll down and select the "Request an Interlibrary Loan" link located in the "Quick Links" menu:

You will next be redirected to the Unify login page, where you will enter your Unify credentials:

If it is your first time using Interlibrary Loan at GC, you will need to enter some basic information into the ILLiad system:

ILL New User Registration

Once you have completed your account setup, you should see the main menu in ILLiad for your Interlibrary Loan account:

ILL Instruction 3

Please Note:
Once you have set up your account in ILLiad, you will go directly to the Main Menu when you sign in to your account.