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Library Assessment

GALILEO Database Usage (FY)

Additional reports from previous fiscal years can be found here.

Reportable Stats Types

Stats Types Data Source GALILEO Definitions
Searches Vendor Counts the number of queries submitted in a search box of a specific database or discovery service
Full-Text Views Vendor The number of full-text (html and PDF) requested. Definitions are contingent on the resource, as we also include pages viewed as full-text for eBooks and LearningExpress and video views for Films on Demand.
Citation Views Vendor That subsection of an article which includes the following information: publisher; journal title, volume, issue and page numbers; copyright information; list of names and affiliations of the authors; author organization addresses; title and abstract (where present) of the article; keywords (where present)
Database Sessions Vendor Counts the number of sessions initiated in the native interface of a database
Links Chosen GALILEO Counts the number of times a GALILEO Express Link for a given database was clicked on by the user. Links Chosen data is recorded for Express Links in the GALILEO interface and for Express Links found on local library sites, LibGuides etc. This data is available for all databases found in the GALILEO Databases A-Z list.
GALILEO Sessions GALILEO Counts a GALILEO session initiated within a unique browser session. GALILEO Session data can be viewed by authentication method.