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Information Literacy Program at Russell Library

Information Literacy Program Mission

The Instruction and Research Services department of the Ina Dillard Russell Library supports the Georgia College mission by helping its students thrive in an information–intensive and diverse global society. Through its multi-faceted services and outreach, Russell Library promotes information literacy skills in close collaboration with the Georgia College community.

The American Library Association defines information literacy as combining:

“a repertoire of abilities, practices, and dispositions focused on expanding one’s understanding of the information ecosystem, with the proficiencies of finding, using and analyzing information, scholarship and data to answer questions, develop new ones, and create new knowledge, through ethical participation in communities of learning and scholarship.”

The Instruction and Research Services’ Information Literacy Program promotes these abilities, practices, and dispositions in the Georgia College Community through its teaching and research as essential components for a culture of critical thinking, engaged learning, and self-directed scholarship.