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Special Collections

About Library Research Grants

Ina Dillard Russell Library offers short-term Library Research Grants every year to scholars and students whose work would benefit from access to materials in Ina Dillard Russell Library’s Special Collections. Strengths of the collections include Milledgeville/Baldwin County history and culture, (local/regional) women’s history, Georgia College history, the papers of notable figures such as Flannery O’Connor, Alice Walker, Former Georgia Senator Floyd L. Griffin, Jr, former U. S. Secretary of Labor W. J. Usery, U. S. Representative Carl Vinson and U. S. Senator Paul Coverdell. For more information about Special Collections, visit the main Special Collections page.

Grants are awarded to students and scholars pursuing significant research that requires on-site use of materials housed in Russell Library’s Special Collections. These grants, which have a value of up to $1500, are intended to provide support for travel and living expenses during the tenure of the grant. Library Research Grants awarded in March will require that research be conducted within the following year.

Expenses will be reimbursed once the grant recipient competes research visit(s) and submits original receipts.

For more information, contact Nancy Davis Bray, Associate Director for Special Collections at 478-445-0988 or


The Russell Library Research Grant is available to faculty, graduate students, upper-level undergraduates and recognized independent scholars and artists who meet the application criteria, who reside more than 60 miles from the main Georgia College campus (Milledgeville), and who are conducting research directly related to materials in Russell Library’s Special Collections. Genealogy projects, church history projects, researchers-for-hire, current Georgia College employees and students will not be considered for this grant. Additionally, those who have previously received a Russell Library Research Grant will not be considered.

Application Instructions


Applications will be accepted until 11:59 PM on 2 April 2018. 

You may start the process and return to the form later; however, you must complete the application within a week from the same computer and browser. All applicants are required to submit two or more confidential letters of recommendation from faculty or other scholars familiar with the research project (may be submitted to Nancy Davis Bray as an e-mail attachment).

Please Note: The application will not be considered complete until all recommendations are received.

Notification Process

A committee consisting of members of the Library faculty and teaching faculty (as appropriate) will award the grants on the basis of the relevance of the proposals to unique holdings of Russell Library, the merits and significance of the projects, and the applicants’ scholarly qualifications. Awards will be made in March. Research may begin as early as April. PLEASE NOTE:  Research must be scheduled with Special Collections staff before making your travel plans.

Each grant recipient will acknowledge Ina Dillard Russell Library, Georgia College, in his/her final publication. Further, each recipient will deposit a copy of his/her publication in Special Collections and/or the university’s institutional repository.