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Romie Moran papers

Romie Moran was born on January 2, 1904 in Sparta, Georgia, and she died on April 12, 2002 in North Carolina. Her parents were C.W. Moran and E.V. Pound, and she had five siblings: Olive, Madian, Lawton, Ruth, and Kenneth Moran. Olive, Madian, and Ruth all attended Georgia State College for Women (GSCW) at different times.

Before coming to GSCW, Romie graduated from Sparta High School in 1921. She then attended GSCW from 1922-1927, first earning her Collegiate Normal Diploma in English in 1924 and then her B.S. in Education in 1927. She lived at Terrell Hall and served on the cabinet for the Young Christian Women's Association (Y.C.W.A.) as chairman of the Conference and Conventions Committee from 1923-1924.

Her education at GSCW was unusual in that she was more often than not enrolled in summer courses (from 1924-26) because she taught at public schools throughout the regular school year. For the 1925-1926 school year, she did a summer semester at Emory University and also took a year off from teaching to do a regular two semester term at Emory. She returned to GSCW to finish her B.S. in the fall semester of 1926.

After graduation, she married Marshall Tigner Wiggins and moved to Atlanta, where the majority of her teaching career was spent at Morningside public school. She and Wiggins had one daughter, Marilyn Wiggins Delafield. In 1941, she enrolled at Emory University as a graduate student specializing in Education, and she was enrolled as "Mrs. Wiggins." Her teaching record notes that she taught until 1956. By 1990, Romie Moran and her husband had moved to Greensboro, North Carolina, where she died in 2002.