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Introduction to Environmental Science, 2018 edition

Introduction to Environmental Science, 2018 edition is the textbook for Environmental Science 1000 (ENSC1000)

Chapter 8: Water Quality

Chapter 8: Water Quality Outline

Chapter 8: Water Quality

  1. Introduction
  2. Water Scarcity and Shortage
  3. Water Scarcity and Availability
  4. Water Pollution
    1. Types of Water Pollution
    2. Sources of Surface Water Pollution
  5. Groundwater Pollution
  6. Water Management
    1. Watershed Management
    2. The Regulatory Approach
  7. A Closer Look at the Clean Water Act
  8. Water Quality Assessment
  9. Water in Crisis (Case Studies)

Chapter 8: Water Quality Learning Outcomes

By the end of this chapter, students will be able to:

  1. Compare regional and national responses to water issues
  2. Explain water-related problems (for example water scarcity, water-borne diseases, water pollution, flooding) from different regions of the world
  3. Describe solutions to water-related problems
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of some of the major regulations related to water in the USA