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Milledgeville-Baldwin County Community Relations Council minutes and correspondence

The Milledgeville-Baldwin County Community Relations Council, renamed from the original Biracial Committee, was established by Mayor Walter B. Williams, Jr. late in May, 1971, for the purpose of making recommendations to him and city council regarding possible solutions to complaints from citizens. The Committee determined its purpose would be to review the recent events of race and to make reports to the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Milledgeville, occasionally offering recommendations.

During its tenure, the committee tackled issues ranging from integration of police cars to increased employment opportunities for minorities in downtown businesses. At the end of September 1979 chairman John W. Cooper contacted agencies that worked with the community relations council letting them know that the council was considering dissolving. At the end of the year, with community input, the council held its last meeting calling for an end to regular meetings, but with the suggestion that the council could be reformed in the future if necessary.