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Your guide to Christine Amezquita's English FYS (CW) class

Study Group Success

Provide Organization 

• Elect a group leader: This  person's role is to keep the group focused, enforce the rules and expectations of the group, and monitor time.

• Set rules and expectations: The group should vote on an agreed set of expectations for participation (e.g. group members who do not come prepared will be kicked out). 

• Set goals for each study session: Group members should set an agenda for each study session to help them stay on track. 

• Set time limits for each study session: A group study session should last no longer than 2 to 3 hours. Group members should minimize socializing during study time and stick to the agenda for that study session. 

Provide Ideas for study group activities 

• Teach your classmates: Group members will take turns teaching each other topics from that session's agenda. Group members should come prepared with an outline and method of delivery: lecture, handouts, presentation, etc. 

• Test your classmates: Group members will prepare questions that test the material. These questions can be drawn at random for other group members to answer. Instruct your students to go beyond just providing the correct answer, but explain why an answer is correct. The questions can be saved for a cumulative "mock final" exam. 

• Read your professor's mind: In this activity, group members can vote on the material they think is most likely to appear on an exam. This requires them to list and prioritize the material, and reinforced main ideas and concepts through discussion of what is most important. 

*Adopted from CREDO Module - Study Skills 

Additional Resources

*Adopted from CREDO Module - Study Skills