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Nelle Womack Hines collection

Scope and Content

The Nelle Womack Hines collection consists of two legal size boxes, four fold over boxes, one small manuscript box, one small artifact box, and one large artifact box. Artifacts include several boxes of woodcuts and photo-plates and 78 R.P.M. records. The legal size boxes include published and unpublished song sheets, radio plays, poetry, and manuscripts, photographs, articles about Nelle Womack Hines, personal correspondence, and scrapbooks covering years at G.N. & I.C. specifically covering the Centennial Mansion Celebration in 1938.

Box 1 contains Series One (Biographical) and Series Two (Publications) and comprise paper, photographs, foam board, and bound books. This contains published and unpublished song sheets, scripts for radio plays, programs, clippings from scrapbooks, poetry, biographical information, and photographs identified as the Hines family. Series One also contains additions from the University President collection; these additions are Hines’ correspondence with Drs. Parks, Wells, and Beeson. 

Box 2 contains Diplomas and Awards presented to Hines and her family members. Box 3 contains a photo identified as a member of the Hines family.

Box 4 contains two editions of A Treasure Album of Milledgeville. One is from 1949 and the other from 1974. The edition from 1949 is inscribed by the author. This box also contains a fragile edition of “I Only Know,” a wedding song from a poem written in 1893 and set to music in 1924  for the wedding of Emmett and Frederica Hines.

Box 5 contains multiple copies of the three published books by Nelle Womack Hines, Waifs From Wild Meadows, a collection of poems; Home Keeping Hearts, a collection of poems by Hines written later in life; and "Such Goings On" a collection of personal, local stories, and writings similar to those in A Treasure Album of Milledgeville and Baldwin County, Georgia.

Boxes 6-8 contain photo-plates and woodcuts of various sizes. They can be identified as photographs from newspaper clippings as well as from A Treasure Album and “Such Goings On.” The photos actually presented on the photo-plates are unclear but are generally scenes from Milledgeville and landmarks within Baldwin County.

Box 9 contains a 78 R.P.M. record of one of Hines’ compositions.

The collection primarily focuses on the history of Georgia College from 1900-1950, Hines’ published and unpublished work, and newspaper clippings about Hines during her time as professor and after retirement. There are gaps in all areas of the collection. There is no record of her time as music teacher or other responsibilities. No information on her club activities exist aside from mentions in publications. Apart from letters and photographs presented in the collection, information on the Hines family is missing. There is little correspondence from family, and none from friends.