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Citation Guides

Assistance with citing your sources for a research paper.


The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association provides detailed guidelines for using APA style. The most recent edition of the APA Publication Manual is kept at the Reference Desk 2nd Floor of the LITC. 

Capitalization in Foreign Language Titles

When adding a title that is in a foreign languge, follow these basic rules regardless of citation style:

For German, capitalize the first word and all nouns.

For French, capitalize THROUGH the first noun in the title.

For Italian and other languages, capitalize just the first word.

(NOTE: Always capitalize all proper nouns.)

APA Style

For specific details and examples on citing sources within a paper and on creating a Works Cited page, try the following subpages.

In-text citations

Works cited

Additional Info

Additional information on APA style may be found at these websites: