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Information Literacy: Milledgeville-Baldwin County Chamber Presentation : Search Tips


Google's search algorithm constantly changes: search features are dropped and added without a warning. 

Google search utilizes AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning.
Google has been criticized lately by users for manipulating search results. Make sure to explore other search engines!
Google search functionality and results will differ depending on:
a browser you are using
whether you are logged into your Google account.
Word order matters.
Filter: run a broad search and use filtering options in the menus or headers to narrow down.
Harvest keywords: look for relevant keywords in your results to use for further searching.
Google hints: use auto-suggested searches.
Use relevant search terms for what you need to find:
statistics, market research reports, market size, market share, market trends, standard
Use Verbatim Search if you search for the exact phrase and don't want Google to make suggestions (run a search > Search Tools > More > Verbatim)
For your eyes only: be aware that Google personalizes your searches based on your search history, so consider customizing your account settings to search and browse privately, or use an Incognito mode in your browser.