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CREDO Info Lit - Core


Video: Introduction to Cultural Issues 

Video: Global Citizenship 

Quiz: Culture and Citizenship 

Video: Introduction to Civic Engagement 

Video: Introduction to Civic Action 

Quiz: Civic Engagement and Civic Action 

Video Tutorial: Introduction to Digital Citizenship 

  • Introduction 
  • Video: Introduction to Digital Citizenship 
  • Checkpoint
  • Profile of a Digital Citizen 
  • Personal Code of Ethics 

Tutorial: Digital Citizenship in Practice 

  • Introduction 
  • Accessing Information 
  • Video: Accessing Information - Examining Habits 
  • Checkpoint
  • Legal and Ethical Access
  • Evaluating Information 
  • Evaluating and Sharing Information 
  • Creating Digital Materials 
  • Sharing Digital Materials 
  • Practice 
  • Sources 

Quiz: Digital Citizenship in Practice