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EDEC 3003: Understanding and Supporting the Physical, Social, and Emotional Development of Young Children: Planning Research


Brainstorm Synonyms for Keywords (Example)

  • Organization, Leadership, Motivation, Planning, Information systems, Total quality management, Behavior, Strategy 
  • Business Ethics, Business Management, Industrial management, Success in business, Organizational change, Organizational effectiveness, Interorganizational relations

Combine Keywords

  • Broad Search: Use only the most predominant term for your topic to find general summary information.
  • Specific Search: Combine several key concept terms for a search to retrieve information to support a thesis statement.



Keyword Search Rules for the Library Catalog and Databases

Using AND/OR/NOT (Boolean Search Operators)

Use AND to focus search and combine different aspects of your topic.

Example: global warming and agriculture


Use OR to expand your search and find synonyms/related terms.

Example: global warming or greenhouse effect


Use NOT to exclude a word or phrase from your search

Example: hurricanes not north carolina