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LTI Automagic Tool

The Automagic Tool is a customized landing page for students, where you can display related guides and E-Reserves course content.


Introduction the LibApps LTI

LTI stands for Learning Tools Interoperability, and it allows for the integration of various resources into a CMS. The LibApps LTI tools makes it possible to integrate LibGuides into GeorgiaView D2L modules.

This guide is designed to help you with integrating LibGuides into instruction modules in D2L.


Linking Instruction

In order to link guides to courses, LibGuide metadata needs to be updated. This can be completed using the steps below.


Guide Metadata Example


i. Access the Guide Metadata by toggling the Guide Information dropdown icon.

ii. Name should always be lowercase lti.

iii. Value will differ based on the subject and the scope of the intended integration. In order to link a guide to a module in GeorgiaView, you will need to be aware of the course code. For example, the 2016 Spring Introduction to Human Geography course had a code of CO.360.GEOG1101.20030.20164. You can use all or parts of the course code to link your guides, with the length determining the scope of the linked courses


  • CO.360.GEOG : Using just the institution and subject code will result in the LibGuide appearing in all Geography modules.
  • CO.360.GEOG1101 : Using the institution, subject, and class codes will result in the guide appearing in all GEOG1101 (Geography 1101) modules regardless of session or instructor.
  • CO.360.GEOG1101.20030 : Including the session/instructor code will limit to guide to a particular instructor's class.


Navigation Bar Access

All linked guides can be accessed via the Library Resources button, under the Resources dropdown on the main navigation bar.

Content Browser Guide Links

If you would like to have the guides linked directly in your course content browser then you can follow the following steps.


i. In your content browser toggle the Existing Activities dropdown.

ii. Select the External Learning Tools option.


iii. Select the Library Resources option. The Library Resources activity will now appear amongst your content.



Much of the information and organization for this guide was borrowed from SpringShare.

It was adapted for use by the Ina Dillard Russell Library at Georgia College & State University by David Dawha 2020.