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Importance of ORCID Workshop, learn to create an ORCID and use it effectively, and identify activities that require an ORCID

Workshop Information

Time Allotment: Approx. 45 minutes

Description:  An ORCID – Open Research and Contributor ID – is increasingly required for many federal grant recipients. This type of ID is important for researchers to have as it is a unique identifier, linking your name with your research. Have a similar name to another researcher in your field? Do you now go by another name than earlier in your career? An ORCID ID will assist in keeping your research discoverable no matter what changes about your name or identity. This workshop is geared towards faculty, but students are welcome to attend.

Learning Objectives:

  • Familiarize faculty with ORCID identification.
  • Learn what kinds of activities require an ORCID and why.
  • Create an ORCID and learn to use iteffectively.

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Want to schedule a workshop?

Contact Jennifer Townes at or 478-445-0991