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Research and Scholarship @ Russell Library

Library Mission

The Georgia College Library actively supports and promotes the mission of Georgia College & State University, Georgia's designated public liberal arts university, by identifying, collecting, and providing access to and instruction in the use of information resources and services. Library faculty and staff seek to create an educational and cultural environment that fosters academic excellence, a passion for achievement, and the critical thinking skills necessary for lifelong learning.

Selection of Library Materials

GCSU Faculty: Faculty members submit requests for library materials which support the curricular and research needs of their department and students. Each academic department appoints a Departmental Liaison for the library who has an understanding of the department’s curriculum as well as the library’s collection strengths and weaknesses in that area. Individual faculty members generally are expected to forward their requests to their Departmental Liaison for authorization.  The Department Liaison will forward these requests either to the appropriate Library Liaison or the Acquisitions Librarian. 


Library Faculty: Library Liaisons are members of the library faculty and staff who are assigned collection development responsibilities in various subject areas.  Library Liaisons also generate order requests for items in their assigned areas, as well as for the general collection.  The primary responsibility for collection development rests with the library faculty. The librarians are generalists with regard to the college curriculum and can best evaluate the library collection as a whole. Their function is to complement faculty selection, with the goal of maintaining a balanced collection. This includes selecting appropriate materials outside the published curriculum, maintaining, a reference collection, and continual updating of the circulating collection. Library Liaisons will select new material upon the recommendations of the review literature, and retrospective titles will be checked against the recommendations in standard general and specialized bibliographies.


Students and Campus Community: Students and other members of the campus community are welcomed to suggest materials for purchase.


Since the Director of the University Library is responsible for the entire library operation, final authority for selection rests with her/him.


Excerpted from the Russell Library Collection Development Policy