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  • Name your guide in the following format: Last Name - Reflection Portfolio
  • (Example: "Cole - Reflection Portfolio" 
  • Create a password protected guide. (Can add a password under "Access Restrictions") 
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  • Attach the appropriate materials under each tab. 
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Librarian Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy: Jolene Cole

As a librarian in an academic library, I believe teaching is a key component to all that we do.  Teaching can take many forms within the library from research consultations to one-shot sessions in the classroom. Although, we may not be routinely acknowledged for our role as teachers, it is infused into our daily jobs.

As we interact with students at various points throughout the research process it becomes imperative that we not only instruct students on the “how-to” but also encourage critical thinking skills by implementing the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education into our work with students. I consider one of the most significant skills that I can help a student develop is the ability to think critically about information today. Many students don’t take the time to recognize when information is needed or have the ability to locate, evaluate and use that information effectively.  It is my job to encourage and promote these skills in all my interactions with students. It is my philosophy to create real world connections for students, utilize technology thoughtfully and remain constantly flexible. It is also essential to assess our role as teachers. Without evaluating our progress in and outside the classroom it is impossible to know the impact we are having on our students. As measuring student success becomes a vital aspect of campus life, librarians should be encouraged to demonstrate their place in the process.

I also participate in a number of professional development opportunities as the coordinator for instruction. I attend national and state conferences, online courses and campus workshops to keep up-to-date on new teaching methods for librarians. I believe some of the best teachers are those that never stop learning and continue striving for personal improvement.