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NimblyWise Information Literacy Courseware

Learning Objectives: Managing Classwork and Research Data

Learning Objectives: 

Students will be able to select appropriate organizational strategies for diverse types of information.

• Recognizing multiple ways to manage the same information.

• Categorizing information according to hierarchies.

• Identifying the pros and cons of various organizational systems.

Students will be able to use a system of organization/tool and assess its benefits and drawbacks.

• Determining areas of information management that can be facilitated through technological tools.

• Identifying a range of organizational tools and their purposes in academic, research, and personal settings.

Students will be able to organize and preserve information so that it will be appropriately accessible and useable in the future.

• Appreciating the principles of data curation and how they apply to various areas of information management, particularly research data.

• Planning and prioritizing needs for backing up and securing information.

• Balancing issues of privacy and public good in information management.


Chapter 1: Organization Systems for Research Papers/Classwork 

Chapter 2: Organizational Systems for Fieldwork and Lab Research

Chapter 3: Systems and Methods of Data Curation 

Lesson Quiz 19

Lesson Assessment