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Oral histories are important sources of information for historians and researchers by providing valuable first hand accounts of events of a historical and social nature.

About Oral History.....

What happens when important facets of our history fail to be recorded for posterity? How many stories have floated on the breeze until time and memory have ceased to keep them and they fade away, never to be recounted or learned from? Far too often we take for granted the stories of our past and those who tell them with the result being that much of who we are is lost. Special Collections, located at GCSU, contains many taped and transcribed interviews pertaining to the history of the area and its citizens. Through collections like ours, and collaborations with others who feel the keen sense of the importance of oral tradition, it is hoped that the common and sometimes uncommon experiences we all share will be better recorded for future generations and thus instill a respect for the preservation of memory.

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