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Flannery O'Connor: Getting Started

Guide to researching Flannery O'Connor

Getting Started

When beginning to research Flannery O'Connor, its best to start with the basic. Ask yourself:

  • What do I want to know about O'Connor?
  • What short story am I most interested in learning more about?
  • What specific theme, such as religion or violence, am I most interested in exploring in O'Connor's works?
Use the answers to these questions and other research thoughts to formulate your search terms and keywords.

O'Connor Books

Using the catalog

Beginning Your Flannery O'Connor Research

Where to Begin

For students, faculty, and staff in Georgia, most public institutions have access to GALILEO (please note the search link in the above box). Below is a list of some additional databases that are invaluable when performing research on Flannery O'Connor:

Using these databases you can do a keyword search (for example, Flannery O'Connor AND violence). The citations you find on these databases will be critical essays and articles.

In addition to GALILEO, you may search the library catalog (GIL). Some searches to start with in the GIL system would be:

Flannery O'Connor AND Religion
Flannery O'Connor AND Violence
Flannery O'Connor AND Criticism

It should be noted that some entries retrieved are only available in Special Collections. Materials located in Special Collections may not be checked out and may not be removed from the Special Collections research room. The hours for the Special Collections research room are not the same as for the main library.

Using GIL, students, faculty, and staff may access the catalogs of other University System of Georgia (USG) institutions. Many items available in the statewide catalog can be sent to Georgia College for your use. Items not available through the statewide search might be requested through interlibrary loan (ILL).

For those who do not attend or work for USG institutions, the databases listed above are available at many college and university libraries throughout the United States. The articles found using these sources may be available at your library or through ILL.

All researchers may find it helpful to browse the books with call numbers beginning with PS 3565.C57. Z (located in the general stacks on the third floor and the reference area on the second floor of the Ina Dillard Russell Library). Compilations of critical writings about Flannery O'Connor generally have exhaustive indexes. Consult these indexes to locate keywords or concepts related to your topic, but please note that subjects addressed in these books do not always show up when you search the library catalog.

Flannery O'Connor Collection at Georgia College

The Flannery O'Connor Collection at Georgia College contains many resources for scholarly research. Some of these resources include:

Special Collections requires two weeks advanced notice for scholarly research visits due to limited staffing. For the same reason, no more than two scholars may research the O'Connor collection simultaneously. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Book Resources