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Flannery O'Connor: Digging Deeper

Guide to researching Flannery O'Connor

Deeper Research

After you have become familiar with O'Connor, you may find yourself wanting to learn more about her life and work. To do this you will want to begin to explore here writing in a more in depth way. Here are a few types of resources to help further your research.

Thesis and Dissertation

These are very comprehensive and complex works that address specific questions concerning the works of Flannery O'Connor. They can aid your research as sources in and of themselves, but their bibliographies can introduce you to more advanced sources as well. Georgia College has vast collection of Theses and Dissertations. These can be found through the Library and Instructional Technology Center's Gil Classic or Gilfind Catalog. Most of these are located in Special Collections. You can easily limit your search results to just Special Collections (see below).

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If you are not a student at Georgia College and are not able to visit us, consider using WorldCat to look up theses and dissertations related to Flannery O'Connor. WorldCat offers you the ability to limit searches to just thesis and dissertations(see below).

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Manuscript Materials

If you are just beginning your advanced research into Flannery O'Connor, the idea of using manuscripts may be daunting. In particular, the thought of performing heavy textual analysis of multiple drafts of Wise Blood may overwhelm you. You do not have to start with this type of analysis. The letters of Flannery O'Connor are much more approachable and provide significant insight into O'Connor's writing. Specifically, these speak to the following questions and much more:

  • What were O'Connor's opinions of current events?
  • What were O'Connor's writing practices?
  • What did O'Connor think of other writers?
Many of the letters of Flannery O'Connor are available in The Habit of Being, but many more remain unpublished. Georgia College has an extensive collection of these letters.  There are also many more collections of O'Connor letters to be found around the United States. The book Postmarked Milledgeville is a great resource for locating the collections that can be found across the country. Worldcat is also helpful. 
O'Connor's Private Library
O'Connor kept a large personal library. These books are a part of the Flannery O'Connor Collection at Georgia College's Special Collections. These books and the annotations, aka marginalia, in them tell show us what O'Connor was reading and thinking. If you cannot visit Special Collections but would like to use O'Connor's library as a source, Arthur Kinney's Flannery O'Connor's Library: Resources of Being is a great resource. Kinney's book catalogs not only the books in O'Connor's library, but also all the marginal annotations and underlined text.