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Fake News and The 'Post-Truth' Era: Home

Workshop Information

Time Allotment: Approx. 50min. 


This workshop provides insights for students on the nature of fake news and what it means to be living in the 'Post Truth' Era. Fake news is a popular topic that maybe overused in the current media landscape.  However most individuals can't deny that the ability to tell accurate news from fake news is an important skill that one can use their entire life. Students will get the opportunity to spot fake news and bias reporting and understand why it has become such a common occurrence. The workshop will cover the tools necessary to not only spot the bias but how one can expand their news consumption by questioning everything and asking the appropriate questions. 


Learning Objectives: 

  • Students will identify fake or bias news in order to broaden their news consumption. 
  • Students will evaluate media found on the web for validity and accuracy.
  • Emphasize the role of diverse media and high-quality journalism in a healthy democracy. 


ACRL Framework Concept: 

  • Authority is Constructed and Contextual 
  • Searching as Strategic Exploration