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LITC Survey Response Progress Report: Home

We are here to serve you!

Library Hours

To meet student demand for longer hours, the Library has extended its hours 3 times since 2009:

  • Fall 2009: Began opening at Noon on Sundays, instead of 2:00 pm.

  • Fall 2010: Library extended hours by closing at midnight, instead of 11:00 pm.

  • Fall 2011: Library extended hours further by closing at 1:00 am instead of midnight.

As a result, the Library has extended its hours from 86 per week to 98.

Decisions to extend hours are based upon usage statistics and staffing requirements. 

14 Newly Installed Study Pods

Progress Report

During the 2010-2011 Academic Year, the Georgia College LITC sought feedback from the campus community concerning LITC facilities and services.  Using various survey methods, we were able to identify and address 3 major themes:

  • Study Space

  • Library Hours

  • Technology

Since the LITC is committed to serving the needs of our campus community, we have been hard at work addressing these issues.

The LITC has created another survey, and we want to hear from you. To show how much we value your feedback, we want to take this opportunity to tell you about the changes we have made and are making in response to the major themes identified in the 2010-2011 academic year.

The insight we gain from these surveys helps us to serve you better. Take some time to take our survey, and let your voice be heard. 

Click here to take our 2012 survey.

Study Space

The LITC is prime real estate for study space, with our study rooms in high demand.  To meet student demand for more study space, the LITC has taken significant steps to increase options for individual and group study spaces.   We are also working to create a large collaborative space on the 2nd floor, behind the Reference Desk. 

  • The LITC created 7 new study rooms on the 3rd floor of the Library, bringing our total number of study rooms up to 46.
  • The LITC purchased and installed 14 study pods to increase study space options for individual users.

  • The Library relocated items from the Reference collection to create an open space on the 2nd floor for collaborative study. With new power outlets installed and new furniture on the way, we think students will find this space to be ideal for group study.


The ITC wants to make it easier for students to access and make effective use of technology by:

  • Bringing Student SERVE to the ITC.
  • Providing equipment for check-out, such as cameras, laptops, and iPads.
  • Providing access to top-of-the-line multimedia software, such as the Adobe Master Collection.
  • Providing access to large format poster printing.
  • Providing access to Lynda Campus at, an online training library that offers over a thousand video tutorials on leading software topics like Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, SQL, Drupal, ColdFusion, operating systems, and many more.

7 New Study Rooms