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Database Trials at Russell Library available to Georgia College students, faculty and staff

Database Trials

Throughout the academic year, Russell Library offers access to selected databases on a trial basis.  Most trials last 30 days and will be available both on and off campus.  Access to the trials will be set up in the GALILEO list of databases and will be integrated with our other library resources as much as possible.  If you search or use results from a trial database, please take a minute and give us feedback about the resource.  Was it easy to use?  Did you find what you needed quickly?  Did it have features that you liked or disliked?  We want to know!

Expired Trials Fall 2014

Library PressDisplay provides access to over 2100 newspapers and 700 magazines from around the world. Publications include the same content and are in the same format as print versions. Click on a headline to read an article, or zoom in to read an item as it appears in print. The archive is searchable by country, language, title, front page image, photograph, or headline.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context covers today's hottest social issues, from Offshore Drilling to Climate Change, Health Care to Immigration. Opposing Viewpoints in Context helps students research, analyze and organize a broad variety of data for conducting research, completing writing assignments, preparing for debates, creating presentations and more.

Credo Reference covers the primary disciplines of Higher Education, providing students with reference tools needed to perform research at any level of study. With continuous updates, Credo includes over 600 titles with particular emphasis on encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, and reference handbooks. Subject coverage is especially diverse and equipped to address all key disciplines. Combining authoritative content with innovative, customizable technology that links users of reference through to all their library resources, Credo Reference is the place to start your research. 

Web of Science Core Collection provides researchers, administrators, faculty, and students with quick, powerful access to the world's leading citation databases. Authoritative, multidisciplinary content covers over 12,000 of the highest impact journals worldwide, including Open Access journals and over 150,000 conference proceedings.

Alexander Street Press : Academic Video Online is the most comprehensive multidisciplinary streaming video resource on the Web. It's Alexander Street's flagship video subscription, bringing together thousands of video titles in a wide range of disciplines. With thousands and thousands of complete titles (not clips) and growing by more than 400 titles per month, VAST includes award-winning films from dozens of notable producers and distributors.

Arte Publico Hispanic Historical Collections Series 1 & 2 present a digital collection of historical content pertaining to U.S. Hispanic history, literature and culture.

AccessScience is an online resource containing high-quality reference material covering all major scientific disciplines. An award-winning gateway to scientific knowledge, it offers links to primary research material, videos and exclusive animations, plus specially designed curriculum maps for teachers.

SAGE Journals offers complimentary access to all journal publications in the month of October.  Registration required.

Upcoming Trials

Starting in February 2019, Russell Library will be offering trials to : Artstor, Oxford Art Online, and Oxford Handbooks.  Stay tuned for more information.

Current Trials

Education Week provides premium access to all the content on, including the full archive and current issue of Education Week's online edition.

Database trial available through Feb. 1, 2019

Trials Expired Fall 2018

Readers' Guide Retrospective Index 1890-1982 contains information from the 44 Readers' Guides annual volumes, providing over 3 million articles from over 550 leading magazines.

Database trial has ended.

Art Index Retrospective 1929-1984 features indexing of historical literature on a variety of art topics from the years 1929 to 1984. Chronicling over half a century of art literature, it covers fine, decorative, and commercial art.

Database trial has ended.

Trials Expired Spring 2018

Oxford Art Online provides access to Grove Art Online, a collection of art encyclopedias and image collections. Users can also choose to view biographies, subject entries, or images when searching or browsing. Content includes more than 23,000 subject entries, 21,000 biographies, 500,000 bibliographic citations, 40,000 image links and 5,000 images contained within Grove Art Online. Thematic timelines and learning resources also provide users with tools for navigating the content.

Trial ended Jan. 6, 2018. 

HeinOnline provides full text access to an extensive collection of law journals, the Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations (through 1983), Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, U.S. Supreme Court opinions, U.S. Attorney General Opinions, U.S. Statutes at Large, and U.S. Treaties.  Heinonline also provides a full text database of selected legislative histories. Heinonline contains complete runs of the law journals and documents.  Includes U.S. and international law journals as well as criminal justice journals.

Trial ended April 18, 2018.

Resource has been licensed through April 2019.

Credo Reference covers the primary disciplines of Higher Education, providing students with reference tools needed to perform research at any level of study. With continuous updates, Credo includes over 600 titles with particular emphasis on encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, and reference handbooks. Subject coverage is especially diverse and equipped to address all key disciplines. Combining authoritative content with innovative, customizable technology that links users of reference through to all their library resources, Credo Reference is the place to start your research. 

Trial ended April 2018

The Chicago Manual of Style Online includes a searchable full text of this major style guide’s 15 th and 16 th editions. Includes 2 additional sections: Q & A with frequently asked or difficult questions, and a Tools section with guidelines with manuscript preparation, a list of proofreading marks, and a quick guide offering basic examples of Chicago documentation style.

Trial ended May 2018


Digital Theatre Plus provides you with:

  • 73 acclaimed filmed theatre productions, music and dance performances
  • 119 interviews with leading practitioners, providing a unique insight into practice
  • 22 In depth study guides written by Drama experts, providing detailed understanding of the analysis and interpretation of plays

Trial ended May 31, 2018

Struggles for Freedom: Southern Africa brings together materials from various archives and libraries throughout the world documenting colonial rule, dispersion of exiles, international intervention, and the worldwide networks that supported successive generations of resistance within the region.

Trial ended June 13, 2018

Alexander Street Press Academic Video Online delivers more than 64,000 titles spanning a wide range of subject areas including anthropology, business, counseling, film, health, history, music, and more.

Trial ended June 13, 2018

Trials Expired Fall 2017

IPA Source was developed to benefit singers, teachers, and all those interested in the correct and knowledgeable performance of vocal literature. What started in 2003 as a support site for students in a university diction class has grown into the largest collection of literal translations and International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcriptions on the web. The goal of IPA Source is to promote the comprehension and accurate pronunciation of foreign language texts in art song and opera in order that the singer may imbue each syllable with the appropriate emotional content.

IPA Source offers texts to works for the solo voice in Latin, Italian, German, French, Spanish, and English. Our guiding principle is to offer great debth of literature in each language before adding new "singing" languages.

Trial ended Sept. 20, 2017

Resource has been licensed through Sept. 2018

Black Abolitionist Papers, 1830-1865 collection searches a unique set of primary sources from African Americans actively involved in the movement to end slavery in the United States between 1830 and 1865. The content includes letters, speeches, editorials, articles, sermons, and essays from libraries and archives in England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, and the United States. Over 15,000 items written by nearly 300 Black men and women are available for searching.

Trial ended Oct. 5, 2017

OVID Emcare provides indexing and abstracts for all nursing specialties and nursing healthcare professions including international coverage of allied health, education and training, development and management, midwifery, health and healthcare economics, clinical medical and healthcare social work, psychiatry and mental health, and traumatology, emergency and critical-care medicine.

Database trial ended Oct. 31, 2017

Global Road Warrior is an international resource for social, cultural, travel, and business information that covers over 175 countries. While aimed at the international business traveler, this service will be useful in multiple disciplines because its information can help foster inter-cultural understanding. GRW describes demographics, economic features and conditions, holidays religions and folkways, all aspects of travel, social and cultural features and conditions, and discusses how business is conducted. It features high-resolution maps and cultural reports on childhood, dating, the situation of women, marriage and funeral customs, and cultural faux pas.

Trial ended Oct. 31, 2017

Arkyves logoArkyves is a database designed for scholars interested in the History of Culture. It is a single access point for thematic searches across a wide variety of cultural heritage collections, contributed by partners like the Dutch Rijksmuseum, the Netherlands Institute for Art History, the Herzog August Bibliothek, and the university libraries of Milan, Utrecht, Glasgow, and Illinois. Very rich but standardized subject information is offered as all collections share the use of ICONCLASS, the most widely accepted multilingual classification system for cultural content.

Database trial ended Nov. 30, 2017

Oxford Reference Library provides in-depth, specialized content from Oxford University Press's Encyclopedias and Companions as well as works from distinguished partners.

Trial ended Nov. 8, 2017


Oxford Music Online is the gateway offering users the ability to access and cross-search multiple music reference resources in one location.

With Grove Music Online as its cornerstone, Oxford Music Online also contains The Oxford Companion to Music (2002), which offers more than 8,000 articles on composers, performers, conductors, instruments and notation, forms and genres, and individual works; and The Oxford Dictionary of Music, 2nd edition (revised 2006), which supplements Grove's more extensive articles with content geared toward undergraduates and general users.

Trial ended Nov. 8, 2017

PolicyMap has more than 37,000 continuously updated data related to demographics, socio-economics, mortgages and home sales, health statistics, jobs and employment, education and more. Their GIS data is available for geographies across the U.S. often at neighborhood scale geographies such as Census tracts and block groups.

Trial ended November 17, 2017.

Social Explorer logoSocial Explorer provides access to current and historical census data (back to 1790), demographic information, and interactive demographic maps that can be queried and manipulated.  Users can also create maps and reports to illustrate, analyze, and understand demography and social change. NOTE: Create a personal account to save projects.

Database trial ended Dec. 7, 2017

Science Magazine is a weekly, peer-reviewed journal that publishes significant original scientific research, plus reviews and analysis of current research and science policy.  This trial provides access to Science starting with v. 275 no. 5296 (1997).

Trial ended Dec. 22, 2017

Expired Trials Spring 2017


This bundle includes access to 19th Century U. S. Newspapers, Times Digital Archive, Slavery and Anti-Slavery: A Transnational Archive, Eighteenth Century Collections Online, Sabin Americana, 1500-1926, and Indigenous Peoples: North America.

Database trial ended May 26, 2017

Database has been purchased and is available beginning FY18

The Time Magazine Archive presents an extensive collection of the prominent weekly news magazine dating back to its first issue in March 1923 through December 2000, presented in a comprehensive cover-to-cover format. Published weekly by Time Inc., the magazine has focused on conveying to a broad audience both domestic and international news and analysis on a spectrum of subjects.

Database trial ended April 5, 2017

Database has been purchased and is available beginning FY18

The Life Magazine Archive presents an extensive collection of the famed photojournalism magazine, spanning its very first issue in November, 1936 through December, 2000 in a comprehensive cover-to-cover format. 

Database trial ended April 5, 2017

Database has been purchased and is available beginning FY18

The New York Times with Index (ProQuest Historical Newspaper)

This database offers full-text and full-image articles from the New York Times dating back to its first issue in 1851. Access is provided to digital reproductions of every page from every available issue in downloadable PDF files.

Trial ended March 19, 2017

Database has been purchased and is available beginning FY18

Civil Rights in America: From Reconstruction to the Great Society

From segregation to women’s suffrage to discrimination of all kinds, civil rights have shaped the course of American history. Civil Rights in America: From Reconstruction to the Great Society is an archive of official publications and primary source material related to civil rights in the United States. Fully searchable, this collection is useful for teaching and researching American history, political science, social justice, and related fields.

Trial ended March 15, 2017

The American Slavery Collection, 1820-1922: From the American Antiquarian Society

This digital edition of the American Antiquarian Society's extraordinary holdings of slavery and abolition materials delivers more than 3,500 works published over the course of more than 100 years. The American Slavery Collection addresses every facet of American slavery. These diverse materials, all filmed in full-resolution color, include books, pamphlets, graphic materials, and ephemera; among them are a large number of invaluable Southern imprints.

Trial ended March 15, 2017

Chronicling a century and a half of the African American experience, African American Newspapers, Series 1, features 280 newspapers from 35 states.. These titles published for or by African Americans constitute valuable primary sources for researchers exploring such diverse disciplines as cultural, literary and social history; ethnic studies and more. Beginning with Freedom’s Journal (NY)—the first African American newspaper published in the United States—the titles in this series include The Colored Citizen (KS), Arkansas State PressRights of All (NY), Wisconsin Afro-AmericanNew York AgeL'Union (LA), Northern Star and Freeman’s Advocate (NY), Richmond PlanetCleveland GazetteThe Appeal (MN) and hundreds of others from every region of the U.S.

Trial ended March 15, 2017

Database has been purchased and is available beginning FY18

Expired Trials Fall 2016

SAGE Research Methods supports research at all levels by providing material to guide users through every step of the research process.

Trial ended December 2, 2016.

The Chicago Manual of StyleThe Chicago Manual of Style Online (CMOS) includes the searchable full text of this major style guide's 15th and 16th editions. The database has two additional sections: a Q&A with frequently asked or particularly difficult questions, and a Tools section with guidelines for manuscript preparation, a list of proofreading marks, and a quick guide offering basic examples of Chicago documentation style.

Trial ended November 2016

The Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI) provides complete bibliographic citations to the contents of scholarly journals published around the world on Latin America and the Caribbean since 1970. Our coverage includes everything from political, economic, and social issues to the arts and humanities.

HAPI currently indexes over 380 journals and includes the contents of over 675 journals dating back to our start in the 1970s.

Trial ended November 30, 2016.

APA Style Central Logo

APA Style CENTRAL combines sophisticated learning and teaching tools, writing and content processing technology, and full integration of APA's "Publication Manual."  This database includes tutorials, FAQs, and other resources to help you improve your writing, master APA Style, and learn the conventions of scholarly publishing. 

Click the image below to watch a three minute video introductory video.
link to APA style central video

Trial ended Nov. 2, 2016

US Political Stats logo U.S. Political Stats is a powerful data download and visualization tool covering all three branches of the United States government. Bringing together valued content from sources like CQ Roll Call and CQ Press, users will discover a wealth of information on election returns, congressional floor votes, Supreme Court decisions, plus presidential performance and economic indicators, as well as diverse demographics. By harmonizing carefully vetted data into the same format—allowing quick downloads, comparisons, and visualizations—U.S. Political Stats provides power and context for researchers at all levels.

Trial ended Oct. 14, 2016

Alternative Press Index logoThe Alternative Press Index covers journal, newspaper and magazine articles from hundreds of international alternative, radical, and left periodicals.  With more than 402,000 records, covers a wide range of modern and emerging theories and practices including socialism and revolution. Coverage begins in 1991 and is updated on a quarterly basis.  Alternative Press Index also covers works by many notable journalists, theorists and writers from a wide variety of concentrations within the fields of alternative and cultural studies. Some of these authors include Margaret Atwood, Seyla Benhabib, Robin Blackburn, Judith Butler, Noam Chomsky, John D. Emilio, Barbara Ehrenreich, James O'Connor and many more.

Trial ended Sept. 2016

Expired Trials Fall 2015

Philosopher's Index with Full TextProduced by the Philosopher’s Information Center, The Philosopher’s Index with Full Text covers scholarly research in all major fields of philosophy.  This current and comprehensive bibliographic database contains research published since 1940 and includes more than 500,000 records.  With more than 1,500 journal titles from over 450 different publishers, the database covers all fields of philosophy, including aesthetics, axiology, philosophy of education, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of history, philosophy of language, logic, metaphysics, philosophical anthropology, meta-philosophy, political philosophy, philosophy of science, social philosophy, and the philosophy of religion. The publications covered in this comprehensive database hail from 139 countries and appear in 37 languages.  The trial database also includes access to an additional 200 full text journals.

Trial ended Dec, 4, 2015.

Bates Visual Guide to Physical Examination logoBates Visual Guide to Physical Examination includes 18 volume physical assessment videos and a separate clinical skills module, for a total of more than eight hours of instructional video content.  Each volume runs from 15 to 40 minutes in length and covers head-to-toe examination techniques for adults, children, infants and older patients, as well as a variety of specialized exams including Nose, Mouth and Ears; Thorax and Lungs; and Cardiovascular System.  The dedicated OSCE Clinical Skills module includes a collection of videos designed to prepare students for Objective Structured Clinical Examinations, or "OSCEs."  Available online and optimized for mobile devices.

Trial ended Nov. 15, 2015 American Immigrant Letters, Diaries, and Oral Histories provides a unique and personal view of what it meant to immigrate to America and Canada. With more than 100,000 pages of personal narratives, including letters, diaries, pamphlets, autobiographies, and oral histories, the collection provides a rich source for scholars in a wide range of disciplines.  Several thousand pages of Ellis Island Oral History interviews, indexed and searchable for the first time, are included, along with thousands of political cartoons.  The materials begin around 1840 and extend to the present, focusing heavily on the period from 1890 to 1920. People from many countries are represented, including more recent waves of immigrants from Latin America and Asia. In selected cases, audio files will let users hear the actual voices of the immigrants, and facsimile images will show pages of their scrapbooks.

Trial ended Oct. 28, 2015

Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO)Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) contains over 180,000 titles (200,000 volumes) of books, pamphlets, essays, broadsides and more.  Materials contained in the collections are based on the English Short Title Catalogue.  Included works were published in the UK and elsewhere during the 18th century.  The language of the collection is primarily English, but other languages are also included.

Trial ended Sept. 24, 2015.

Expired Trials Spring 2015

Kanopy Streaming offers Georgia College students, faculty and staff access to 8,705 educational videos from major filmmakers and producers in a wide variety of subject areas. 

Trial ended Feb. 8, 2015.

Routledge Handbooks Online offers ebook access to over 300 handbooks covering subjects in the humanities, social sciences, behavioral sciences, education, and business.

Trial ended March 12, 2015.

 Palgrave McMillan Publishers are offering FREE online access to their entire portfolio of journals for one month, spanning across Business, the Social Sciences and the Humanities.

Trial ends March 31, 2015.

Oxford Bibliographies Online Developed cooperatively with scholars worldwide, OBO offer exclusive, authoritative research guides. Combining the best features of an annotated bibliography and a high-level encyclopedia, this resource guides researchers to the best available scholarship across a wide variety of fields.  

Trial ended April 2, 2015.

Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE) documents words, phrases, and pronunciations that vary across the United States. DARE does not include words that are commonly used throughout the country.
DARE is based on the DARE Survey (fieldwork carried out in all 50 states between 1965 and 1970) and on written materials such as diaries, letters, novels, histories, biographies, newspapers, and government documents from the colonial period to the present. Entries include regional pronunciations, variant forms, some etymologies, quotations that document use, and regional and social distributions of the words and phrases.

Trial ended April 27, 2015.

Digital Theatre Plus offers 73 acclaimed filmed theatre productions, music and dance performances, 119 interviews with leading practitioners, providing a unique insight into practice, 22 In depth study guides written by Drama experts, providing detailed understanding of the analysis and interpretation of plays.

Trial ended May 25, 2015.

Theatre in Video contains more than 250 definitive performances of the world‘s leading plays, together with more than 100 film documentaries, online in streaming video - more than 500 hours in all, representing hundreds of leading playwrights, actors and directors.

Trial ended June 6, 2015.

South Asia Archive  is a new, fully searchable digital archive encompassing millions of pages of valuable research and teaching materials, providing online access to documents ranging from the mid-18th to the mid-20th Century.

Trial ended August 3, 2015.

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