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Special Collections

What is the Legacy Project?

The Legacy Project at Georgia College is an effort by Special Collections to document the experiences of alumni, faculty, staff and community members. Throughout the lifetime of this project, we expect to collect photographs, memories and oral histories that will help current and future generations understand how Georgia College and the Milledgeville and Baldwin County communities have changed - and yet stayed the same throughout our history.

Legacy Project for Alumni and Retired Faculty/Staff: ‚ÄčOnline Survey | Print Survey (PDF)
Legacy Project for Community Members: Online Survey | Print Survey (PDF)

Digital Donation Form (PDF) | Oral History Release (PDF)

What happens during an oral history interview?

Starting Spring semester 2011, the Legacy Project has been expanded to include oral history interviews. Special Collections would like all interested individuals and groups to contact us to schedule an interview time. We will also be available during alumni weekend to schedule interviews. Oral History interviews take approximately one hour to complete. Interviews can take place in Special Collections, your home or any convenient location. We prefer to film our interviews, but audio only interviews are possible as well. Please contact Special Collections for more information.

When does the Legacy Project end?

The Legacy Project is an on going project. It officially began on Feb. 20, 2009, during alumni weekend.

What will happen with your donations?

Special Collections will use all materials collected from the legacy project in a variety of different ways. Materials can be used in exhibits, online presentations, etc. Each donor will be credited in all publications.

How can you contribute?

Special Collections is currently accepting photographs, documents, testimonials and scheduling oral history interviews from alumni, retired faculty and staff, and community members. For the Legacy Project, you do not have to physically donate materials. Special Collections is soliciting what we call "digital donations." Special Collections will take your precious memorabilia and scan them. This way we will have copies of your memories to preserve for researchers. For your generous gift, we will give you a copy of the digital files we create. If you do not have materials to digitally donate, we encourage everyone to take our Legacy Project alumni survey or to set up an oral history interview by contacting Special Collections.  The survey is available online or in print. Please write to us at the address found below or email us at for a print survey. This survey will help us gather the thoughts and experiences of our former students.

Where do I send my materials?

All completed surveys should be sent to the following address. Digital donations are best handled in person, but Special Collections can make arrangements if you are unable to visit us.

Special Collections
Ina Dillard Russell Library 
CBX 043
Milledgeville, GA 3106